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# obmenu-generator - schema file
=for comment
item: add an item inside the menu {item => ["command", "label", "icon"]},
cat: add a category inside the menu {cat => ["name", "label", "icon"]},
sep: horizontal line separator {sep => undef}, {sep => "label"},
pipe: a pipe menu entry {pipe => ["command", "label", "icon"]},
file: include the content of an XML file {file => "/path/to/file.xml"},
raw: any XML data supported by Openbox {raw => q(...)},
beg: begin of a category {beg => ["name", "icon"]},
end: end of a category {end => undef},
obgenmenu: generic menu settings {obgenmenu => ["label", "icon"]},
exit: default "Exit" action {exit => ["label", "icon"]},
# * Keys and values are case sensitive. Keep all keys lowercase.
# * ICON can be a either a direct path to an icon or a valid icon name
# * Category names are case insensitive. (X-XFCE and x_xfce are equivalent)
require "$ENV{HOME}/.config/obmenu-generator/";
## Text editor
my $editor = $CONFIG->{editor};
our $SCHEMA = [
{sep => "Arch Linux"},
{item => ['thunar', 'Správce souborů', 'system-file-manager']},
{item => ['catfish', 'vyhledávač souborů', 'catfish']},
{item => ['xfce4-terminal', 'Terminál', 'terminal']},
{item => ['xdg-open http://', 'Webový prohlížeč', 'web-browser']},
{item => ['chromium', 'Chromium', 'chromium']},
{item => ['pluma', 'Pluma', 'pluma']},
{item => ['gajim', 'XMPP klient', 'gajim']},
{item => ['thunderbird', 'E-mailový klient', 'thunderbird']},
{item => ['evolution', 'Evolution', 'evolution']},
{item => ['element-desktop', 'Element', 'element']},
{item => ['flatpak run org.cznic.Datovka', 'Datovka', 'datovka']},
{item => ['flatpak run net.cozic.joplin_desktop', 'Joplin', 'joplin']},
{sep => undef},
{sep => 'Aplikace'},
{cat => ['utility', 'Příslušenství', 'applications-utilities']},
{cat => ['development', 'Vývoj', 'applications-development']},
{cat => ['education', 'Vzdělání', 'applications-science']},
{cat => ['game', 'Hry', 'applications-games']},
{cat => ['graphics', 'Grafika', 'applications-graphics']},
{cat => ['audiovideo', 'Multimedia', 'applications-multimedia']},
{cat => ['network', 'Internet', 'applications-internet']},
{cat => ['office', 'Kancelář', 'applications-office']},
{cat => ['other', 'Ostatní', 'applications-other']},
{cat => ['settings', 'Nastavení', 'applications-accessories']},
{cat => ['system', 'Systém', 'applications-system']},
#{beg => ['My category', 'cat-icon']},
# ... some items ...
#{end => undef},
## Generic advanced settings
#{sep => undef},
#{obgenmenu => ['Openbox Settings', 'applications-engineering']},
#{sep => undef},
## Custom advanced settings
{sep => undef},
{beg => ['Openbox nastavení', 'applications-engineering']},
#Configuration files
{item => ["$editor ~/.conkyrc", 'Conky RC', 'text-x-generic']},
{item => ["$editor ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc", 'Tint2 Panel', 'text-x-generic']},
# obmenu-generator category
{beg => ['Obmenu-Generator', 'accessories-text-editor']},
{item => ["$editor ~/.config/obmenu-generator/", 'Menu Schema', 'text-x-generic']},
{item => ["$editor ~/.config/obmenu-generator/", 'Menu Config', 'text-x-generic']},
{sep => undef},
{item => ['obmenu-generator -s -c', 'Generate a static menu', 'accessories-text-editor']},
{item => ['obmenu-generator -s -i -c', 'Generate a static menu with icons', 'accessories-text-editor']},
{sep => undef},
{item => ['obmenu-generator -p', 'Generate a dynamic menu', 'accessories-text-editor']},
{item => ['obmenu-generator -p -i', 'Generate a dynamic menu with icons', 'accessories-text-editor']},
{sep => undef},
{item => ['obmenu-generator -d', 'Refresh cache', 'view-refresh']},
{end => undef},
# Openbox category
{beg => ['Openbox', 'openbox']},
{item => ["$editor ~/.config/openbox/autostart", 'Openbox Autostart', 'text-x-generic']},
{item => ["$editor ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml", 'Openbox RC', 'text-x-generic']},
{item => ["$editor ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml", 'Openbox Menu', 'text-x-generic']},
{item => ['openbox --reconfigure', 'Reconfigure Openbox', 'openbox']},
{end => undef},
{end => undef},
{sep =>"Home Archos" },
#{pipe => ['obbrowser', 'Disk', 'drive-harddisk']},
{pipe => ['am-places-pipemenu', 'Místa', 'folder']},
{pipe => ['am-recent-files-pipemenu', 'Poslední soubory', 'folder-recent']},
##The xscreensaver lock command
{item => ['xscreensaver-command -lock', 'Lock', 'system-lock-screen']},
## This option uses the default Openbox's "Exit" action
#{exit => ['Vypnout počítáč', 'application-exit']},
## This uses the 'oblogout' menu
{item => ['oblogout', 'Vypnout počítač', 'application-exit']},